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Do you get the Gist: Tracking Mail is an Abstract Idea
17/10 - 2017 Patent
Secured Mail v. Universal Wilde (Fed. Cir. 2017) The district court dismissed this case for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted – R.12(b)(6) – after finding that the claims of all seven asserted patents were ineligible under 35 U.S.C. 101.  On appeal, the Federal Circuit has affirmed.  U.S. Patent Nos. 7,814,032, 7,818,268, and […]
Percent of US-Originated Patents That Claim Priority to a Provisional Application
17/10 - 2017 Patent
For the chart above shows the percentage of US-originated utility patents that claim priority to one or more provisional filings, grouped by year of issuance.   You’ll note the steady upward trend – each year more US utility patents rely upon provisional applications for that effective filing date. Note – to find US-originated utility patents I simply excluded […]
Oil States and SAS arguments set for November 27
16/10 - 2017 Patent
Oral arguments for both Oil States Energy Services, LLC v. Greene’s Energy Group, LLC, No. 16-712 and SAS Institute Inc. v. Matal, No. 16-969, have been set for November 27, 2017. Oil States challenges the AIA trial system at its most fundamental level — arguing that the Constitutional principles prohibits an administrative agency such as the USPTO from […]
Application Pendency
16/10 - 2017 Patent
The chart below shows the pendency timing for issued US patents — looking particularly at the time from priority filing (including foreign priority claims) until issuance of the US patent.  To smooth the chart a bit, I excluded the 0.2% of patents with the longest patent term — these were all > 20 year terms and had […]
Impact of the 15-year Design Patent Term
12/10 - 2017 Patent
If I were preparing to file a design patent around early May 2015, I might have held-off a bit on the filing to pass the May 13, 2015 threshold.  Design patents stemming from applications filed on or after that date have a 15-year patent term (calculated from patent issuance) as opposed to a 14-year term for those […]
Regeneron v. Merus: En Banc Chances Rise
12/10 - 2017 Patent
by Dennis Crouch Prof. Hricik and I have both previously written about the Regeneron inequitable conduct decision.  The following short summary comes from Hricik: [The] district court … held that people substantively involved in prosecution of the ‘018 Patent knew of but-for material references, which were not disclosed.  Although the district court had intended to hold […]
Teaching Away: Only Counts if the Reference Teaches Away from All Embodiments of the Claim
11/10 - 2017 Patent
Owens Corning v. Fast Felt Corp (Fed. Cir. 2017) After being sued for infringing Fast Felt’s U.S. Patent No. 8,137,757, Owens Corning retaliated with a petition for inter partes review.  Although the PTO instituted the IPR, the PTAB eventually determined that the claims were not obvious — i.e., that “Owens Corning had failed to show obviousness of […]
Are you Pat-Informed?  A new joint initiative of the research-based biopharmaceutical industry and WIPO wants you to be.
11/10 - 2017 Patent
Guest post by Corey Salsberg, Vice President, Global Head IP Affairs, Novartis The patent system depends on information to achieve its goal of promoting progress.  Published information defines the prior art.  Patents must disclose sufficient information to describe an invention and enable others to practice it.  And applications containing this information are published after 18 […]
PatentlyO Bits and Bytes by Anthony McCain
11/10 - 2017 Patent
Steve Brachmann: PTAB Due Process Violations Raised In Brief To Federal Circuit Joe Mullin: New Patent-Holder Grabs Nokia Patents, Sues Over Apple iPhones Michael Hinrichsen & Anthony Sabatelli: Patent Exhaustion And Pharmaceuticals Jo Dale Carothers: Federal Circuit Clarifies Venue Requirements For Patent Cases Florian Mueller: DoJ Backs Apple, Says Supreme Court Should Deny Samsung’s Most […]
The Need for Legislative Reform: The Berkeley Section 101 Workshop
10/10 - 2017 Patent
Assessing the Need for Legislative Reform of Patent Eligibility in the Mayo/Alice Era: Final Report of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology Section 101 Workshop [Read the Full Report] By Jeffrey A. Lefstin, Peter S. Menell, and David O. Taylor Over the past five years, the Supreme Court has embarked upon a drastic and far-reaching experiment in […]


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